ZOE 5030005

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Zoeller 503-0005 Home Guard Max water powered backup sump pump system. The HOME GUARD® pump, installed as a standby to an electric sump pump, does not use any water, except during an emergency. In case of a power failure or other system malfunctions, the HOME GUARD® takes over. The water flow is equivalent to a normal faucet and required only when HOME GUARD® is operating. The HOME GUARD® unit is not intended to serve as a primary water removal unit or to increase the capacity of an undersized primary unit. Its purpose is to be used as a back up to an electric sump pump due to power or pump failure. If the output of this unit is not sufficient to meet your specific demands, refer to our DC back up sump pump systems. COMPARE THESE FEATURES: No electricity required. Works during power failures. No battery to charge. On guard 24 hours a day. Helps eliminate flooding in basements. Ideal standby to an electric sump pump. Can be used with any existing brand of sump pump. Comes 100% pre-assembled. Small footprint. Efficient water usage. High capacity, high head. Municipal/city water pressure power system. Includes push-to-connect supply fitting (field installed). Engineered for trouble-free operation. Noncorrosive materials. PVC Constructi(more...)

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