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1 liter (33oz) bottle, for use with Aromasteam System only. Specially formulated and packaged aroma oils for use with the Mr.Steam Aromasteam System. The 1 liter (33oz) bottles are designed to fit within the Aromasteam assembly, providing ease of use. Use essential oils with caution. Essential oils are for external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Essential oils are highly concentrated and are potent substances, and should not be applied directly to the skin, as they can be irritants. Use essential oils with caution. Eucalyptus - A deeply refreshing aroma with cleansing effects. Eucalyptus oil helps breathing and is known for its antiseptic properties. Lavender - With its clear, light and relaxing aroma, lavender has been used as a tonic and mild stimuant for centuries. Evergreen - A refreshing blend of spruce, fir, and pine, reminiscent of a forest on a crisp morning. Energizing Mint - A blend of mint, citrus, and herbs that stimulates and energizes. Breathe - A tropical combination that may help clear chest, nose, and sinuses. Aromasteam System Sold Seperatly

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