DUR 770002000110000

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Brand:  Duravit USA, Inc.
Product Code:  DUR 770002000110000
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Duravit 770002000110000 Shower Screen

Tap on Right

Transparent and Mirror Glass

for Shower Tray 35-3/8" x 35-3/8". *The dimensions indicated refer to the installation dimensions, for example the measured length dimension and width dimension of the installed shower tray after tiling.

34-7/8" Length

34-7/8" Width

80-3/4" Height

Information for ordering:
  • Selection of taps
    The deeper wall profile is constructed for the assembly of taps. The tap parts on the wall can be up to 4-7/8" deep.
    As a shower set consisting of shower bar and hand shower can have a depth of more than 4-7/8", a special quench holder with conical adapter is included with delivery of every OpenSpace shower screen. Thus a multitude of standard hand showers are applicable and a clash of the hand shower and glass folded towards the wall is avoided.
    Please consider the instructions in the pre-installation data sheet for the selection of your taps.
  • Tap Side
    The taps can be either positioned on the left or on the right side (this particular item is placed on the Right). The tap side is taken from the perspective of a person standing in front of the OpenSpace shower screen. For option with tap left, the deeper wall profile is assembled on the l(more...)
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