MIELE 21218064USA

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Inspira G 2180 SC SF

Stainless Steel

Fully Integrated, Prefinished Models For convenience, Miele offers fully integrated, prefinished models that are already equipped with a stainless steel door panel, a 4-inch toe-kick and professional-style, stainless steel door handle. These units are noted with "SF" in their model numbers.

  • PC Update function - Miele was the first manufacturer to introduce the revolutionary concept of updatable machines. With PC Update function, you can keep up with technological advances. Using a laptop computer, a Miele technician can alter a machine's programming parameters, for example to reduce its water intake or electricity consumption or adapt it to a new type of detergent.
  • Concealed control panel

    Standard Features
  • 6 wash programs
    • Pots & Pans - For washing pots, pans and preparation dishes with dried-on food particles
    • Normal - For washing average soiled dishes with light fatty residues
    • Economy - For washing lightly soiled dishes with light fatty residues
    • SaniWash - For washing and sanitizing heavily soiled dishes
    • Short - A quick wash program fo(more...)
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