ZOE 1000006

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Model 100; Pump model WM264; 0.4 HP; 115V; 9.4A; 94 lbs. Typical Installations: Versatile installation enables the pump compartment and piping to be concealed by the installation of a wall. NOTE: Access must be maintained to the pump compartment. NOTE: The Qwik Jon® is designed to fit flush with any elevated floor made of standard 2” x 6” material (actual dimensions 1 1/2” x 5 1/2”). And you can add a Lavatory - Bathtub - Shower with the installation of the 2” adapta-flex seal (provided). Tub or shower requires built in installation. 42.5" Long x 25"' Wide x 19" Height. 5 1/2" platform height. Install a Qwik Jon® Just About Anywhere Designed to accommodate a toilet, lavatory and a bathtub. Use with a variety of toilet styles (1.6 Gallon residential flush). Perfect for basements, family rooms, warehouse, factories, room additions. No need to destroy concrete floors. Reduces construction cost. Pumps any direction. Fits just about anywhere. So Many Applications . . . Basements New Homes Cabins Commercial Buildings Workshops or Garages Pool Houses Additions

Please Note: Many Zoeller pumps are factory tested at Zoeller to assure top quality & performance. Due to these standard testing practices you may find small dust particles on the un(more...)

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