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Brand:  Panasonic Consumer Electronics Co.
Product Code:  PAN FV11VHL2
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Panasonic FV-11VHL2 Heater/Fan/Light/Night-Light, 110 CFM, .7 Sone SMALLER: The housing is 20% smaller than the old unit. New housing is 16in. L x 11-1/4in W x 7-3/4in. D versus our old housing of 16-1/2in. L x 13-1/2in. W x 7-7/8in. D. QUIETER: The Heater/Fan/Light/Night-Light is now .7 Sone versus 1.0 and the Heater/Fan is now .6 Sone versus 1.1. WARMER: Maximum heat level in just one minute from the "off" position and we feature a more concentrated heat because the grilles are now structured for a stronger blast of air focused in one area for intensified warmth. NEW LOOK: Newly designed contemporary grille made of plastic instead of metal and now 20% smaller than the old one. The new grille size is 18-1/8in. L x 13-5/16in. W for the Heater/Fan and 18-1/8in. L x 14-1/8in W for the Heater/Fan/Light/Night-Light versus 18-3/4in. L x 17in. W for the old model.

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