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Brand:  Panasonic Consumer Electronics Co.
Product Code:  PAN FV08VKML3
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Constant CFM Performance
This WhisperGreen® model features built-in intelligence called Smart Flow Optimum CFM Technology. This unique "electronic-brain" lets the fan do what was once thought to be impossible: preform at a constant CFM regardless of elbows and other factors that might hinder performance. Basically, when a WhisperGreen® fan faces static pressure, its speed is automatically increased to ensure that the desired CFM is actually achieved. This allows the fan to perform as rated and makes for easier sizing because the specifiers no longer has to worry as much about compromising the fan's performance.

SmartAction® Motion Sensor
The SmartAction motion sensor automatically activates whenever someone enters or leaves the room

Variable Speed Control
This fan is equipped with a CustomVent™ Variable Speed Control. This allows the fan to run continuously at a pre-set lower level of 0, 30-70 CFM that can be elevated to a maximum of 80 CFM when the switch is turned on for intermittent ventilation.

Delay Timer
A High/Low delay t(more...)

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