DUR 0872600005

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Brand:  Duravit USA, Inc.
Product Code:  DUR 0872600005
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Duravit 0872600005 Starck X Series Two-Piece Floor Standing Toilet Tank Only White w/ Chrome Flush Button

Starck X Toilet Tank, Bowl not included

with Dual Flush mechanism

concealed left supply

Available with Chrome Flush Button

19-5/8" x 21-5/8"

Toilet seat and cover (006801) Sold Separately.

Tank Only, Bowl (21000900001) Sold Separately.

This fixture comes standard with the special WonderGliss surface finish. Sanitary ceramics with the WonderGliss finish will remain clean and attractive for a long time to come. Thanks to the coating which is fired into the ceramics, water immediately contracts into drops and drips off, taking any residual substances (e.g. lime) along. The result less polluting deposits, less cleaning work, more fun in the bathroom!

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