MIELE 22484235USA

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Miele H4842BP Chef Series 30in Single Oven Clean Touch Steel finish with clean touch steel straight handle Standard Features:
  • Multi-tier operating Mode
      Surround Bake
    • Utilizes top and bottom heating elements to create an even distribution of heat from both above and below the individual item being cooked.
  • Automatic Temperature Settings
    • Miele ovens use a platinum tipped electronic thermistor to accurately control their temperature. This Novotronic controlled device can detect minute temperature changes and the Novotronics adjust the oven temperature accordingly.
  • 8 Operating modes
  • True European Convection
    • Miele uses a pressurized convection system which heats the air in a rear chamber and then quickly circulates it throughout the oven cavity, creating uniform temperatures on every level of the oven. This superior technology reduces cooking times and prevents flavor transfer.
  • Electronic knob controls
  • Two Zone Infrared Broiling
    • Miele ovens offer two zone broiling. The BROILING 1 mode operates the inner element for broiling smaller items. BROILING 2 operates both the broiling element and the top heating element, expanding the broiling capacity.
  • Clear text digital display
  • Ther(more...)
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