MIELE 22488235USA MIELE 22488235USA

MIELE 22488235USA

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Brand:  Miele, Inc.
Product Code:  MIELE 22488235USA
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H4882BP MasterChef 30" Single Oven

Clean Touch steel oven with Clean Touch steel straight door handle

Optional door handles available - sold separately

Standard features
  • Navitronic touch control pad
  • Context sensitive controls
  • Multi-Lingual LCD Display
  • Metric / English Conversion
  • 17 operating modes including:
    • AutoRoast - This operating mode is designed specifically for poultry and roasts. The oven sears the item by initially heating to a very high temperature to seal in the flavor. The oven then returns to the desired temperature and cooks until done. This mode increases flavor while reducing cooking and clean up times.
    • Intensive Baking - Another unique Miele cooking mode, this mode combines conventional and convection cooking systems to provide intensive heat from several directions yielding brick oven results.
    • Sabbath - Miele's unique Sabbath mode setting allows individuals of the Jewish faith up to 72 hours of pre-programmed cooking in their oven in accordance to specific Jewish guidelines. Simply set the oven ahead of time and , when needed, open the door and place the food inside. The oven will begin cooking shortly thereafter.
  • MasterChef functionality - Miele's exclusive operatin(more...)
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