MIELE 12800502USA

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Brand:  Miele, Inc.
Product Code:  MIELE 12800502USA
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T8005 Large Capacity Vented Dryer w/ Angled Control

Stainless Steel

Electric Dryer

Vents to right, left or back

Available in left hinge only

Angled Control Panel - The 23.5° angle makes the controls very easy to read without bending over: a perfect design for freestanding installation.
  • Stainless steel Honeycomb drum - Forged from the very best stainless steel with a unique convex pattern that resembles a honeycomb, the drum enhances both cleaning performance and reduces fabric wear. The by-product of this patented advancement is an 80% reduction in the number of water exit holes and a network of water channels that create a thin water layer that cushions your clothes while the drum rotates.
  • Vented model
  • PC Update function - Miele was the first manufacturer to introduce the revolutionary concept of updatable machines. Thanks to the PC Update function, you can now keep up with technological advances. For example, using a laptop computer, a Miele technician can alter a machine's programming parameters to reduce i(more...)
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